About us

J's Laboratories Pvt Ltd , a successful pharmaceutical company based out of Chennai , India, driven by the concept of providing specialized products in segments of Infertility is proud to be the Pioneer in Cellular Detoxifier Therapy with the launch of products like Glutathione way back in 2005 and has been a trend setter in Cellular Energizer Therapy with the launch of products like Coenzyme Q10 particularly in the field of Andrology as early as 2002. J's has hived of its pharmaceutical business and has very recently hived off its hotel business as well and is currently a trading outfit setting up operations for export oriented activity and acquisitions abroad.

Current activity:
The company is currently a trading outfit and also has a Information Processing Business through which it continues its business activities. The company is currently dealing with Food products, Cleaning products, Medical equipment and PPE. The company has invested overseas in its 100% owned Subsidiary J’S Life Style Inc, USA and is in the process of guiding its subsidiary to make lucrative and strategic investments.

Past activity:
J's headed by John Salvador has a successful track record of profitable operations and compliance with laws as was required for the functioning of both it's varied industrial operations. The company had operations across the country for its pharmaceutical activity and had its hotel presence limited to Chennai.